[TAX CREDIT] Do you provide an income tax receipt for the course I enrolled in?

We are a private vocational training academy, meaning that if a person is self-employed and has the ability to claim our courses or training programs as a career development or education-related business expense, they are able to do so with their personal or business tax return. 

For those who are not self-employed, we suggest providing your course receipt to your employer so they may claim your training as a business expense against their corporate taxes owing.

Current provincial legislation does not qualify Social School as an official post-secondary education institution, and thus we are not able to issue a T2202/T2202A tax credit receipt, or a 'Tuition, Education and Textbooks Amount Certificate' that would be filed with a personal tax return.

If an additional copy of your purchase receipt is needed because you can't locate it in your Social School Academy account or in your inbox post-purchase, we can re-issue it to you upon request.

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