[PROGRAM ADVICE] What do you recommend for beginners?

Our 360 Series is a perfect entry point for digital marketing newbies, as well as anyone needing a quick skilling up in a specific area. 

The 360's are smaller, bite-sized 'labs' compared to our certificate-level courses, are are focused on one social platform, tool or marketing tactic at a time. They cover every piece of the platform that matters today, with timely case studies, backend demos and actionable go-forward strategies.

Even better, the 360 Series courses are split across 3 tiers, starting with the foundational '100 Level' labs, followed by the intermediate level 200's, and the slightly more technical 300's. 

That's not to say the need to be taken in perfect order, however! Feel free to work your way sequentially through them, or pick and choose the ones you need most. At just $59 each for lifetime access, they offer tremendous value and immediately implementable skills.

We hope to see you soon in the very fun and continuously edited, updated and expanded 360 Series!

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