[PROGRAM ADVICE] What's the difference between your Social Media and Digital Marketing Certificates?

Great question! The difference between the Social Media Marketing (SMM) and the Digital Marketing (DM) programs is that the first is almost solely focused on social media, while the second covers a range of broader digital marketing tactics and platforms.

Generally, we suggest starting with the Social Media Marketing courses or certification program because they lay out a great foundation for developing your social strategy and figuring out what content is going to work for your specific audience. 

The courses in our Social Media department include Social Media Strategy, Content Writing & Publishing, DIY Graphic Design, Mobile Photo & Video, and Digital Advertising

The Digital Marketing program is a bit more technical and wide-reaching. 

Courses include Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Advanced Facebook Advertising, and Insights & Optimization. We often say that if you already have a great grasp on social strategy and are well versed in Facebook advertising (using Facebook Business Suite and Ads Manager), then jumping right into the Digital Marketing program is a great fit, and a nice extension of your existing skills.

While many of our students end up working their way through both programs (which we love and wholeheartedly endorse!), the decision is usually quite clear after reading through the course descriptions and deliverables, and pairing that with a sound recognition of where your business goals and training priorities lie.

Full program and course descriptions for the Social Media Marketing courses and certification can be found at socialschool.io/social-media-marketing.

All info on the Digital Marketing courses and certification can be found at socialschool.io/digital-marketing.

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